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Title: don't be shy (demo) Artist: maya 1,702 plays


"don’t be shy (demo)" 

a song i just wrote… still working out some kinks, but i kinda like it!

once i was alone and i didn’t know better so i called that feeling home

now you make me burn and it’ll never stop no matter which way the world turns

cuz now i’ve found you, there’s not much i can do

i need you in my life, baby don’t be shy, don’t be shy, don’t be shy

Title: ink and bones Artist: maya 2,939 plays


"ink and bones"

a song i accidentally ended up writing (kind of) for my friend liz and the gay paranormal romance novel she is writing

kill me baby, make me bleed, you know every person has got their needs

the night is dark and there’s wolves in the trees, hurt me now don’t make me say please 

Title: ink and bones (demo) Artist: maya 2,305 plays


new demo, “ink and bones”!

somehow this accidentally turned into a song for ink and bones??? (a PARANORMAL ROMANCE thing i’m doing with some friends)

i’ll record a finished version later and maybe it’ll end up on a future album

kill me baby, make me bleed, you know every person has got their needs

the night is dark and there’s wolves in the trees, hurt me now don’t make me say please

Title: friday (demo) Artist: maya 1,427 plays


demo of a new song i’ve been working on, “friday”

there’s a lot of bg noise because of the new cat in my life and because of the loud traffic/airplanes outside

meet me on friday, take me out some place

i will greet you, smile on my face

it’s too late to try and change my mind

so why am i feeling so shy?


"go away (demo)"

a little something i just worked up in voice jam about, like, street harassment and junk.

i’ll record it properly later. ideally it would be a duet but like that’s going to happen.

if i wanted your attention

it would not be hard to mention

if i wanted you to know me

you would have known already

Title: alright Artist: maya kern 2,479 plays


"alright" — new song by me, which is actually a rewrite of this song!

i’m a bit rusty musically right now so it was really nice to get a little bit of time together to record this.

teach me how to take your hand

i’ll try not to be too shy

i want you to take me home

say you love me then tell me why….

i think we’ll be alright


"put the gun down"

my first attempt with voice jam! this was a lot of fun to do. there are some obvious flaws with the recording but i think it’s pretty good for a first try!

you know about the birds and the bees

but you don’t know a thing about me

you think you know everything

but that don’t say a thing about me

Title: begin Artist: george tinsley 4,833 plays



a new song i wrote!

just about…. new romance… and junk….. O)

Title: steven universe theme Artist: maya 4,767 plays


i decided to try my hand (voice?) at the steven universe theme song (the version from the pilot) and, well, i was going to wait to post this but it was just too much fun!

so here you guys go. the harmonies aren’t exactly the same as in the title sequence, but they’re pretty close!

Title: best i can Artist: maya 2,453 plays


new song - “best i can”

not 100% if this is the final mix, but i really enjoy singing this song and it’s been a while since i’ve recorded something for real reals so i thought i’d see how it went!

i try hard to stay sane

i can’t help it if you’re in my brain

i’m holding on in any way that i can

i try my best to be myself

but next to you i am someone else

i’m holding on in any way that i can