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vvrathia asked: For the colors thingy would you mind drawing from Ava's demon? I'd love to see Ava in either 4 or 7 :3 ONLY if it's okay with you :O

hellsysinsinjay asked: How about someone from Dark phase in #3 IOrrrrrrr Marina in #3 ovo

rosebugprincess asked: draw urself with palette 15 bc ur super cute

ONLY DOIN THIS ONE CUZ I DO ACTUALLY LOOK P CUTE TODAY cuz i put my hair up for like the first time in 50 years


tessen asked: Sasha in 1!

miss-spork asked: Franny and 7?

rosebugprincess asked: your rose themed princess with 5!!

neptunesglow asked: Sailor Moon, any version, #4??

fluffpigeon asked: I think Saidi might look nice with 11

tiredboywithwiredeyes asked: Marina with number four :)

cinnamonbunroll asked: George, 18