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rosebugprincess asked: your rose themed princess with 5!!

neptunesglow asked: Sailor Moon, any version, #4??

fluffpigeon asked: I think Saidi might look nice with 11

tiredboywithwiredeyes asked: Marina with number four :)

cinnamonbunroll asked: George, 18


game of thrones house buttons! so you can show off your house colors. buy them here!

STILL HELLA PUMPED FOR THE FINALE TONIGHT but reblogging again bc i made a dumb typo haha


a magic knight rayearth print i made for con season! growing up this was one of my all time favorite comics.

you can get the print here!


a little free! print i made for con season. you can buy it here!


be on the look out for a full moon tonight!

and if you own a black cat, please do your best to keep it in doors. while many know how loving and sweet black cats are, there are people out there who like to be cruel to black cats on spooky nights (like friday the 13th and halloween)!



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