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mr-ru asked: Cucumber Quest!

cries… i love cucumber quest….. i’m sorry gg for slaughtering your adorable style…………….

icydick asked: powerpuff girls!

solarsocks asked: Utena!

ugh i am never trying to draw rgu style ever again

zetauma asked: Ghibli style?

enchantingtea asked: animal crossing?

i’ve never played but all my friends love it so

in-a-hat asked: Ib or Noragami


i don’t know anything about noragami! but i watched michelle play ib once and it’s a lovely game. she got a bad ending tho, lol.


sometimes i forget how gay i am

i have done a lot of things in my life but i am not sure if any of them have been quite as self indulgent as this draw-yourself-meme doodle turned LoZ OC

in conclusion: i am trash

adriannswall asked: draw yourself in hyrule warriors

casually steals poe’s hood….

mad-phlegmatic asked: Pokemon ?

i train primarily poison, fairy, and ghost type pokemon. gloom was my first pokemon and my favorite.