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adriannswall asked: draw yourself in hyrule warriors

casually steals poe’s hood….

mad-phlegmatic asked: Pokemon ?

i train primarily poison, fairy, and ghost type pokemon. gloom was my first pokemon and my favorite.

cassbetterthanyoucain asked: Steven Universe!

i don’t think i’d be cool enough to be a gem so i’d just be a random bg character

mermade4this asked: windwaker style? Or maybe Steven universe?


that-wandering-hero asked: draw yourself in..... dangan ronpa!!!!!!

super high school level trash

i am the first to be killed

dykeaadelic asked: Sailor moon!


another of my sets came out! it’s called rococo voyage. see the announcement here.


well you asked

i drew this last night


recent sketchbook things from my instagram. click thru for captions.


i’ve been watching this playthrough of hyrule warriors all day, please send help