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tiloulou asked: ahhhhh!!! can we get more pics of your hair please it's so nice!!!!


here’s some more pics/angles of my hairrr





today i’m goin’ out with friends to celebrate my birthday (which was yesterday)! we’re gonna get sushi and do karaoke and lots of other fun stuff!!

i haven’t been doing much with my make up recently, but since today is special i thought i’d do a little bit of a sunset look with my eyeshadow!

(pssst if you wanna see im gonna take pics today and put them on my instagram)

finally bleached my roots!

i dyed my hair wine red two months ago and while the magenta is nice, my roots were waaaaaay too long! i didn’t want to dye my  hair again and i didn’t want to damage my hair too much by bleaching out the magenta, so i decided to try for a bit of a faded effect!  i’ve never done it before but i think it looks really cute!!


Anonymous asked: theres somehting on your nose in that patreon video?? what is it????

it’s my mole………….. see you can kinda see it in this pic….

it’s not even a cool looking mole, it’s just like skin colored and right plop in the center of my face

dana and i are having a make up day :3

goin’ out on a date “v”

i tried to curl my hair this morning

today i decided that maybe if i tried to dress like an adult, i’d start acting like one, but so far it hasn’t worked.

maybe it’s the tights….

current hair status: i am a giant raspberry

today’s outfit! i haven’t worn heels in so long

also my hair is now more of a dark cherry color, which i am really happy about!

it’s still a bit dark for me, tho, so i can’t wait to see how it fades!