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i’m wearing a new dress today and i feel cute

goin’ on a date in a bit!

my navy tights had holes in them so i decided to just go with them and i guess now they’re ripped up tights haha

i’m cute today

tried to tone my hair white, but left the toner in too long, so it’ll be silver until the toner fades!


✦ holy make up tutorial, batman! 

for about the past 500 years i’ve been questions on both this and my personal blog asking me to make a make up tutorial! and this isn’t one exactly because i really do not have the training or equipment to make a real one, but this will be a set of photos and writing that will hopefully impart some of my ✦ rad make up wisdom ✦

the photos in this “tutorial” have no filters applied and were all taken near a window around 4PM. this “tutorial” will show i get from the photo on the left (my completely natural face) to the photo on the right (my daily make up).  this isn’t the be all end all of make up tutorials, obviously i am extremely pale so the vast majority of you will have to just pick out the parts that work for you.

again, before i start, i really have to emphasize that i am not a professional and that everything i know has been thru trial and error and from searching thru other people’s tutorials.

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a few weeks ago i chopped off all my hair into a pixie and, well, tho i loved having short hair, it was kind of a mess! definitely not my favorite cut. but since i’m home now i was able to go back to my favorite hairdresser (who i’ve known since i was about four) and was able to get everything cleaned up! goodbye, almost mullet (it was a mullet before — it was so bad that i had to get a friend chop it off for me)! goodbye, awkward everything!

i even got the back shaved, which is something i’ve always wanted to do, but i had long(ish) hair for so long that there was never really a good time before.

first selfies with my new phone! i’m goin’ to go hang out with funwalker and arijandro i’m SO EXCITED

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bleached my roots, ended up with strawberry lemonade sherbet hair

(from my instagram)

so i chopped off all my hair

halloweenpunx asked: draw urself with palette 15 bc ur super cute

ONLY DOIN THIS ONE CUZ I DO ACTUALLY LOOK P CUTE TODAY cuz i put my hair up for like the first time in 50 years