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a few weeks ago i chopped off all my hair into a pixie and, well, tho i loved having short hair, it was kind of a mess! definitely not my favorite cut. but since i’m home now i was able to go back to my favorite hairdresser (who i’ve known since i was about four) and was able to get everything cleaned up! goodbye, almost mullet (it was a mullet before — it was so bad that i had to get a friend chop it off for me)! goodbye, awkward everything!

i even got the back shaved, which is something i’ve always wanted to do, but i had long(ish) hair for so long that there was never really a good time before.

first selfies with my new phone! i’m goin’ to go hang out with funwalker and arijandro i’m SO EXCITED

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bleached my roots, ended up with strawberry lemonade sherbet hair

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so i chopped off all my hair

rosebugprincess asked: draw urself with palette 15 bc ur super cute

ONLY DOIN THIS ONE CUZ I DO ACTUALLY LOOK P CUTE TODAY cuz i put my hair up for like the first time in 50 years


trying out some new make up from this month’s ipsy bag :3

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so i did a thing and now everything i own is red

catastrophic-catitude asked: can you post a selfie?

hi friend!

i just got a haircut, so here’s before and after pics!

tiloulou asked: ahhhhh!!! can we get more pics of your hair please it's so nice!!!!


here’s some more pics/angles of my hairrr