ok which of these looks the least dumb?

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    I like the last one and the first one! :D
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  3. burningbra answered: Last one
  4. kalopsiawitch answered: I like the original. or first one.
  5. spookymitobe answered: the second or last one!!
  6. adorenable answered: they’re all very pretty but i pick the 4th one
  7. foxglovetea answered: The top one
  8. perrierprincess answered: I think I like the first one best.
  9. chegli answered: I like the one you posted separately the most! But I also really like the last two on this post
  10. thatgirl120 answered: the last one
  11. amparasrevenge answered: Oops I meant the fifth one looks the best.
  12. clairvoyantobstruction answered: I actually really like the last one!!
  13. sugarskulltula said: I like the last one
  14. dayknight answered: LAST ONE IS SO PRETTY
  15. pearika answered: i like the last two!!!
  16. sleepy0wl answered: i like the last one!
  17. maizimay answered: the last one ^u^
  18. hollowcups answered: bottom right!
  19. chocodi answered: I really like the first and last one
  20. taylorisweird answered: second to last
  21. althealthealthea answered: the first one
  22. goshgirl answered: i like the last one best. it doesnt have boarders and the pink smoke adds a lot of movement and character.
  23. azuredemon answered: 4
  24. kokorokira answered: 1 if printed 4 if not printed and just digital