a mermaid i drew nearly a year ago for alex’s monster girl gang zine! i had so much fun painting this, haha.

here’s a process gif:




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marker commissions!

hey, guys! for ages and ages people have been asking about traditional commissions, so i thought, finally, i should make them widely available!

each commission will be a base of $30 each (though i may ask for more if the character is exceedingly complicated) plus $5 for U.S. shipping or $10 for international. each piece will be 5.5 x 8.5” and will contain only a single character and no background. for more complicated requests or for full illustrations, please see my normal commission rates.

for more samples, kindly visit my sketchbook tag!

these commissions will only be available for a highly limited time (probably about a month at the most) so act quickly if you would like one!

please email me at

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ratliker-deactivated20140328 asked: hello would it be okay if i used a vocal sample from one of your songs for a track i'm working on??it'll be chopped and processed a lot and i'll give full credit to you if you're okay with it

as long as you don’t use it for profit and give proper credit, it’s fine! please link me when you’re done. :3

magical cleaver girl

Anonymous asked: favorite Ava's demon character?

DUH who else

pandathemanda asked: i just starte reading monster pop and i got through it so fast it's S O CUTE I CA N NOT GET OVER HOW CUTE ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE LITERALLY EVERYONE and the outfits you did so good oh my gosh thank you for george and marina tha n k

ahhh thank you omg! <3

Anonymous asked: Do you get horny while drawing sexy things?

try this one instead

Anonymous asked: What inspired you to make a webcomic?

still kinda workin’ on the gay thing but WHATEVER

also i wanted to make a comic that would be simple & easy enough for me to update while attending school and working on other projects.

Anonymous asked: If another artist on tumblr ever asked if you'd be willing to reblog their commissions post would you?

i do make exceptions. when people are really in need or something like that, i’ll usually reblog if asked. but for the most part i don’t really like reblogging to this blog unless it’s something like a petition that i found (or things like the wendy davis filibuster).

i know it’s probably not the case, but when people ask me to reblog things from them a lot of times it just kind of squicks me and makes me feel like people want to use me for exposure. i know that’s probably kind of an extreme reaction, but i can’t really control my gut reactions.

i do sometimes reblog commission posts and other similar things to my reblog blog