dana left me home alone for a week so i’m using her cintiq and MAN is it weird but also really cool dang having a big screen is nice

hotchocolateintheteapot asked: do you feel like you've gotten better at drawing by beginning to having to draw your webcomic? Do you carefully plan out your frames and stuff? does it take you a lot of trial and error to draw a webcomic page?


i have gotten better at drawing, but it’s not just because of monster pop!

over a year and a half has passed since i started mp!, so naturally my art has progressed. there are too many factors to really give any one thing credit, but regularly producing a webcomic is part of it.

it used to be a lot harder for me to make mp! pages, but now it’s pretty quick. i’ve been drawing these characters for nearly two years now so my sketches tend to be pretty simple.

here are a couple examples:

from strip 172

from strip 184

i used to have to take my sketches further than this, but since i stopped inking all i really need are basic suggestions of what the figures are doing and then i can easily draw the silhouettes without needing anything more since i’m so familiar with these characters now.

it used to take more work/trial and error and it would still probably take more work than it does if i was working on a comic that was more difficult than mp! is.

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monster pop! updates every tuesday, wednesday and thursday!

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deetledeet asked: Oh my gosh your voice is so heavenly good!!!!! I'm so glad you have a tumblr so I could tell you! It was so angelic!

ahh thank you so much! <3

dreadpirateomalley asked: It was super awesome hearing you on Welcome to Night Vale! I may or may not have squeed when I recognised your voice.

ahahaha thanks!



hello, lovely people! monster pop! is back with a bang and it’s time to kick off with the beginning of chapter three!

i am also incredibly excited to announce that apart from starting chapter three, i have also launched two cool new ways for you guys to support monster pop! and get awesome things in return.

first is patreon, a site where you can pledge a small amount a month and get some really cool things like tutorials, Q&A videos, exclusive comic livestreams, and even sneak peaks of future monster pop! panels!

second is inkster, where you guys will finally be able to get your hands on some monster pop! shirts.  currently, there are only two designs available, but i am planning to add more very soon.

and, as always, there is my storewhere i will be adding new monster pop! merch very soon (i’ll make another announcement then).

thanks so much for supporting me! your contributions are what make this comic possible.

monster pop! updates every tuesday, wednesday and thursday!

you can start reading here or read the new page here

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okay wait i have some more tips about comics, just kinda things i think about a lot.

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i know it’s a sucky answer, but there is honestly just no replacement for hard work.

it took me a solid one or two years to get really comfortable inking digitally, and at the same time i was learning to get comfortable inking traditionally and that kind of helped in terms of learning how to move my hand and like general inking practices, but it didn’t really help me learn how to be comfortable using a tablet and that is really the biggest barrier in terms of learning digital inking.

there’s really no shortcut. you just have to train your hand. for some people it will take longer than it will for others, but i think it’s worth it.

ssoptimist asked: do you use the path tool for your lineart and if so do you have any tips?

nope the path tool sucks and make everything look stiff. i just had to practice inking.


Happy Yesterday Birthday Yesterday, Maya!

It was yesterday.  I’m sorry. I’m a bad friend.

But hopefully Franny as Sailor Stardust will make up for it. She’s even got a magical poodlecorn sidekick.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ sydney omg this is SO CUTE!!!! THANK YOU!!!