my otp is canon………………………………….


maya and her tree wife

IM SO PLEASED! thank u michelle………………. *levitates into the clouds where my wedding w maggie commences*



omg this is great


so as per mayas request heres a quick doodle of these cuties using the colors i had on hand

oh no…. things are lookin’ pretty TENDER :3c


Punts Maya into anime space


#reblog  #:3c  


i did the thing

omigod this is so frickin’ cute, MICHELLE LOOK


i dont even know what maya is bribing them for

i just thought they were super cute


i only now just realized i fucked up the thumbs but im too lazy to go fix it

LAUGHS MANIACALLY. and so it begins…. (dont worry we’re bribing her for something very worthwhile)

hey guys help me bribe tumblr user tinyshell aka michelle aka author of ava’s demon

draw her and marina together because marina is her favorite and also her wife

here is a handy dandy height comparison for you nerds

also please tag your art with #tinyshell or with #michelleswaifu


isthatwhatyoumint asked: im just saying that potentially i could draw you in a panel with marina. potentially. if things go my way. im just saying. it could happen. you might even touch her. who knows??? the world is a mysterious place. many things could happen. could you be holding hands?????????? could you maybe wear an outfit she wore in a previous scene?????????? who knows, this world is full of mysteries.


are you trying to give me an aneurysm

no i’m trying to bribe you, duh

milosastrolanes asked: Hello Maya! I was just wondering how you felt about people cosplaying characters from Monster Pop! A friend and I are planning George and Franny cosplays for Halloween and maybe Comikaze, and since I have never seen anyone do a Monster Pop! cosplay, I wasn't sure whether or not it was because you prefer people not cosplay your characters! Because of that, I wanted to make sure that you were okay with us cosplaying George and Franny, and if not, we won't do those cosplays. Thank you very much! :)

ohmygooooooosh! i would absolutely love that! i’ve had a couple cosplays before and one of my friends is going to be cosplaying percy at san japan and i’m SO INSANELY EXCITED!!

please go ahead and do that and please send me pictures!! <3