i’m going to be single forever because link is too beautiful and it’s a problem


i’ve been watching this playthrough of hyrule warriors all day, please send help








I’m so cute

no no, see, when I say this you’re all supposed to chime in saying you agree completely

i agree, i am very cute thank you

I think there has been a grave misunderstanding here

when you say “i’m so cute” you mean “i” who is also “me” and yes i’m so cute, thank you, i agree :3

oh, okay, I see where the misunderstanding here is coming from, let me rephrase this:

you’re so cute

awww thank you, you didn’t have to say that! i am cute, tho, aren’t i :D

smooches ur face ur a cutie trace (ur gr8 too)

(via traceexcalibur)

strangeandqueer asked: sorry for the inconvenience, but you took a picture of me and my friend cosplaying ava and maggie at san japan, and i never found any cosplay pics of me from sj. would you mind sending it to me?

it should be on my instagram! http://instagram.com/mayakern

tinyshell replied to your post: remembering back to that one time when…

remember that time on tumblr when [INSERT LITERALLY ANYTHING AWFUL HER

remember dorites

remembering back to that one time when a guy drew porn of me and submitted it to me on tumblr. what is this planet.

coyo-teas asked: ahh maya i had no idea you were from minnesota! i'm from eagan, but i'm going to school in seattle atm, where in mn are you moving back to?

i’m actually from texas! but i went to MCAD for college. i’m moving back to minneapolis.

scarlethand asked: Where/why are you moving? Safe traveling to you!!

i’m moving back to minnesota! because i really, really love those -40° winters. no, haha, uhm, i’m moving because i miss it a lot and because now all my work is online there’s no reason for me to keep paying california’s ridiculous rent. i’m going to miss my friends here but i am really not a cali girl at all, it is just not a good fit for me.


is elle in our team too cuz she lives here too now. OMG SHE COULD BE OUR MAGICAL FAMILIAR. OR OUR NEMESIS WHO WE DIDN’T KNOW WAS OUR ROOMIE ALL ALONG??? that would make you the main char tho bc she’s like your gayce platonic love interest lmao

inkytomes asked: Huh, I always pictured you Michelle and Dana as a trio, are you not as close with her lately? Or has she just been less active? If this is something personal you don't want to discuss then there's absolutely no pressure, I don't want to pry and make you uncomfortable.

that is probably because we all lived together for a few months! i’ve been living with dana for over a year now, tho i’m moving soon. michelle lived with us for a few months about a year ago. we are all really good friends!

honestly this ask does make me uncomfortable, tho. i don’t know why you would ask this.