in-a-hat asked: When do you plan on making a new music album?

i have more than enough new music written to make a new album, i just haven’t been able to record properly, partly due to time constraints, partly due to excessive noise in my area (i live near an airport and a freeway and everyone drives like assholes), partly due to overwhelming heat (our AC doesn’t work and i live in socal, i have to turn off my fan and close my window and door in order to record with minimal noise interference, you do the math), partly because i just haven’t been happy with the songs i have been able to record (i like the songs themselves; i’m not satisfied with my recording and producing abilities).

i’ll probably get more opportunity to record this winter when it’s cooler, though i may be moving in a couple weeks so that might expedite things since the building i applied to is in a cooler area in a building with actual working heat/AC.


hi, guys!  i know you are looking forward to your normal thursday update, but before you read, please take a moment out of your day to support the residents of ferguson.  if you do know know what is going on, here is an overview (content warning for strong language, violence, racism, police brutality).  here is a fund started to support those who have been arrested for protesting peacefully. here is advice and links to how to stay safe while documenting police brutality. here is a first person account of the initial event.

right now the media is being actively forced out of ferguson.  reporters are being arrested and detained.  the state senator was gassed. the best way to raise awareness and to keep these people safe is to keep this a top agenda for social media. if you cannot directly assist, signal boost. please, please, please, do not let this be forgotten. please check here for a list of ways that you can help.

you can read today’s monster pop! strip here.

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Anonymous asked: I really want to do something about Ferguson but I live states away and have no money to fund anything. Do you know of any petitions or SOMETHING I can do, because I've tried my hardest to get the word out, we new to reach out to these people. I feel like we aren't doing enough there has to be something.


Okay there’s a lot of different posts with multiple links each on how to help and some of them overlap so I’m just gonna compile all the relevant links I can think of here:

Contact the Ferguson Police Department and seek information on those being detained, the protests, legal procedures, etc.

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site)
222 S. Florissant Road Ferguson, MO 63135
Ph: 314-522-3100 Fx: 314-524-5290

  • DO NOT reblog photos of Mike Brown’s body lying on the street. His family has requested that these photos not be spread around. Please respect their wishes.

Very importantly, stay alert. Read everything you can on the subject. The reports on The New York Times, Al Jazeera, and other news outlets are very limited, especially because the police in Ferguson are going to great lengths to keep reporters out. Seek out what you can online and from first hand sources, if you know anyone in the area. Listen to the stories of those who have been affected by this tragedy and other similar ones. Educate yourself as much as you possibly can so you can help make sure the right people are heard.



Michael Brown was an 18 year old that was killed by a Ferguson Police Officer on Saturday, August 9th.  His family is now seeking justice for Michael’s death.  Their pursuit for justice will be lengthy and hard but with the support of the community they will get justice.  If you are willing to support Michael’s family please donate to Michael Brown’s Memorial Fund.  These funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf.  All funds will be given to the Michael Brown family.  We appreciate your support.

This is a legitimate fundraiser confirmed by the family’s lawyer’s official twitter account and multiple news sources. This family has suffered so much, please help relieve one small worry from their life.

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if you’re interested, this person is trying to organize a food/meal drive for elementery school kids in Ferguson

schools in Ferguson have been closed since Monday and that’s where a LOT of the kids in Ferguson get their food from, to explain how important this is.

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Anonymous asked: I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??



there’s a bail and legal fund that’s been set up for those who’ve been arrested 

this person is trying to organize a food drive for school kids in ferguson

national moment of silence 2014 (for victims of police brutality) 

share the following: 

videos of what has happened

links to articles

how to make a tear gas mask

livestream link to the peaceful protests

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site) 

222 S. Florissant Road
Ferguson, MO 63135

Ph: 314-522-3100
Fx: 314-524-5290


Bail and Legal Fund for Those Arrested During Ferguson Anti-Police Demonstrations ›



A bail and legal fund has been established to support the 43 or so people who have been arrested during the anti-police demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo.  Please spread the word widely and help us get some money together to get these people out.

Also, we are looking for information on who was arrested so we can get them legal support and bail them out if necessary. If you have a friend or family member who was arrested, please email us their name at

All funds collected will be used to support those arrested during the demonstrations–their bail money, fines, legal funds, or other related expenses. In the unlikely event that there are additional funds, they will be used to support people resisting police repression and police violence in the future.

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Help the fight against police brutality!

You should definitely do this, but please be safe and knowledgeable about it! Here are some resources for how to safely film/photograph police brutality, as well as information on YOUR rights as you do so:

Please be aware that different states have different laws on the matter.  Check into them so you can know you specific laws, and what to expect if you film the police.  Also check with your state’s chapter of the ACLU; many of them have tips on this matter, and some have pocket foldouts of your rights that you can use to convince the police that no, you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Stay woke.

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This is a bail and legal fund set up to assist our brothers and sisters arrested last night for taking direct action against the murderous Ferguson Police Department. Two days ago, Michael “Mike Mike” Brown was gunned down by police after eyewitnesses stated he had thrown his hands in the air and was complying with police orders. Racial tension in Saint Louis has simmered for decades with some of the highest recorded levels of white flight in history, mass segregation and police violence directed primarily at people of color. The unjustified murder of Mike Mike by the state was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. Hundreds came for a candlelight vigil held yesterday at the scene, vigil goers were met with riot cops armed with assault weapons and K-9 units. As people tried to leave the vigil they were forced back by a police line, who reportedly fired rubber bullets into the crowd. Things boiled over and the streets were taken, after tear gas and backup from surrounding areas proved no match for the crowd the police retreated. The unrest continues tonight with even greater response from heavily armed police, local media was ordered to leave the area or face arrest.

Rest In Power Mike Mike

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