Anime Expo


thank you to all the cute and sweet people who came to say hi to me this weekend, especially to the people who bought prints or buttons or books and those who commissioned me! i really appreciate it a lot, you all made this hectic and stressful weekend worthwhile.

so many of you made me feel so loved, especially you little monster pop! fans out there! i’m gonna do my best to do you guys proud <3

operation-azrael asked: Hey Maya, I'm making a playlist on 8tracks and I was wondering if it'd be ok if I used your song "Haunted" in the mix. I completely understand if you don't want me to, but I just wanted to ask.

yes! that is totally fine, go for it!

ssoptimist asked: I've always wanted to do something different with my hair, it's been the same for ever what made you want to change your hair style first did you cut it or dye it first?

well i chop all my hair off every few years and i’ve had all sorts of different hair (sometimes down to my lower back, sometimes a bob, currently it’s a pixie). i started bleaching my hair about four years ago and a year or so ago i started dying it.  the first time i did a super dramatic dye change, i chopped off all my super long hair into a short a line bob with an undercut and dyed the whole thing bright pink.

it’s honestly wayyyy easier to dye short hair because there is way less of it, and it’s also easier to maintain. plus that shorter hair tends to be healthier and easier to work with.


some commissions from anime expo thus far! from my instagram


This is a little old but I forgot to finish it so!!! 

omgggg this is so cute, thank you!

Commissions are open now! Anime Expo table L33! #ax14 #ax #animeexpo

#ax14  #ax  #animeexpo  

Back at #ax14 table L33 with @drawnbydana !


kitkatkumquat asked: Your H20mosexual print is taking over my life I keep just returning to it and laughing at least once an hour. It has literally been in the back of my mind all day, I just can't stop thinking about it. I both want to thank you bc you absolutely made my day and curse you bc I keep smiling and giggling for what looks like no reason. It is perfection I could not have even begun to imagine.

ahahaha thank you!

Commissions at #animeexpo #ax #ax14

#ax14  #animeexpo  #ax  

Tabling with @drawnbydana at #animeexpo booth L33. #ax #ax14

#ax14  #animeexpo  #ax