heads up to cute queer girls in minneapolis: ;O

MAYA I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU! If you need help moving in let me know okay? <3333

ty lady! ;u; i’m packing my stuff in boxes and mailing stuff in and THIS TIME i bought a desk that is super easy to assemble, i’ll probably be chill for most of it except maybe putting together my bed (bc you know how shit i am at assembling things) BUT ALSO we should just hang out a ton, also i think hannah and i are gonna do some sort of house warming party after she moves in…………….. the kind where people bring us food and then i cry and hug everyone bc i’ve missed you all so much

also maybe the kind where u bring your own bowls to eat bc i haven’t bought dishes yet >___>

heads up to cute queer girls in minneapolis: ;O

What games are you intending to get? :o

smash bros, mario kart, hyrule warriors, the other new zelda game, the squid girl ink game, the yoshi game, and like 500 others but mostly those

im gonna have to open up a few commissions after i move on thursday so i can buy a wii u and not beat myself up over it

tinyshell and i are like slowpoke and shelder

one day we will meld and become this


one day me and isthatwhatyoumint are going to power morph into one artist

we will be so beautiful


another of my sets came out! it’s called rococo voyage. see the announcement here.


well you asked

i drew this last night


Doodle of Nimona and George of the webcomics Nimona! and Monster pop!

ssoptimist asked: where are you moving to?