future cons?


hey, hey, hi! i just finished my last convention for the summer and i’m thinking about doing future cons! i’d really appreciate some suggestions for that — but please only suggest cons that have about 10k+ attendees. i’m trying to expand the places i can visit, but it’s not financially feasible for me to go to smaller cons at the moment.

if possible it would also be super nice if you could include the dates of the con and, if you know it, when artist alley sign ups are.

also! depending on the con, michelle might be coming too cuz we wanna do more cons together.

answer here!


oh whats this?? non homestuck fanart what?????

faussrow asked: any other ocs besides georgie you wouldn't mind anyone drawing?

yeah! i have a bunch of blood anchor characters and also i have an OC tag!

liaraurl asked: what is your icon is that maggie from avas demon

yes. maggie is my girlfriend/wife. michelle drew us which means it’s canon, right????


Fan art of George from Monster Pop! by Maya Kern


a break in between sketching commissions! drew a george who is from the most awesome webcomic called Monster Pop! SOOO worth it, and it has a patreon going on to help the creator Maya Kern who is also awesome and sweet and a new found inspiration to me! Please check out her stuff <3

omigosh this is SO CUTE, thank you!! <3

queercurls asked: ok ok ok first off hello!!!!! i came by your booth at san japan a few times this past weekend and i was the maggie cosplayer on friday that was with an ava c: i wanted to ask what the texture of marina's hair was in monster pop! ???? because id like to get a wig asap and im debating with my ava/george over what the wig texture should be (as in dreads????? loli curls or a bun???????) thank you in advance!!!!! :3c

oh hi!  you guys were insanely cute!

well her canon hair is snakes, but if she didn’t have snakes i’d probably go with dreads, tho tight curls would be good too.  she also likes to put her hair up a lot so buns or a side ponytail or any of the hairstyles she’s had in the comic work perfectly as well!  

feel free to have some interpretation with her hair since it is rather difficult.

slumberfish asked: how do you feel about the guy tabling behind you?? he was behind us at animemilwaukee and we were really put off by him displaying his prints on the back side of his booth, behind us..

some people just have double sided prints, it’s not a huge deal. usually i’d have a display going across the top so you wouldn’t even be able to see his art. it’s mildly annoying but ultimately my art is eye catching enough regardless of what other people have up in the distance and, honestly, tabling is too exhausting for me to care all that much.

tho if he’s intentionally doing it to try to advertise that way then that is kind of a dick move.

[eta] i looked at the display again on sunday and it’s not double sided prints. it’s not even in a place where he can see, it’s an opaque wall behind him, he was literally just displaying prints behind me and that is majorly tacky and in very poor taste.

Booth E10 at #sanjapan


I’m booth E10 at #sanjapan