i got a haircut today so i decided to doodle a thing as a hand warmup so i could have a new icon!


omigod and she didn’t tell him??

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a few weeks ago i chopped off all my hair into a pixie and, well, tho i loved having short hair, it was kind of a mess! definitely not my favorite cut. but since i’m home now i was able to go back to my favorite hairdresser (who i’ve known since i was about four) and was able to get everything cleaned up! goodbye, almost mullet (it was a mullet before — it was so bad that i had to get a friend chop it off for me)! goodbye, awkward everything!

i even got the back shaved, which is something i’ve always wanted to do, but i had long(ish) hair for so long that there was never really a good time before.


UPDATE || July 28th || 2014

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George is really fun to draw, I love her so much oh my gosh. Her design is so cute, Maya did a fantastic job with her and the whole comic in general! I’m excited to see what happens next!



Monster Pop! is a super cute webcomic and I love all of the characters! Everyone should go read it!

My camera sucks though boo

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hey, guys! i edited my patreon so now it applies to all my art — not just monster pop!

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so not so long ago i started to read monster pop! and i really like it so far !! so i drew a geroge because she’s rly cute ah


Bow hair clips are now for sale on Storenvy!

I made some for the lovely mayakern because of this comic she drew. 



summertime george \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/