onasas asked: hey are we allowed to use your music in fanmixes in the like??

yes, as long as it keeps my info with it! i’d also prefer it if you procured my music legally to do so, which you can do here. of course, my bandcamp only has finished music on it, not demos haha.

Title: love again (demo) Artist: maya 622 plays


"love again" - a new demo!

man, one of these days i need to actually make a finished recording of a song, haha. but, for now, here is yet another demo!

i made a mistake

i let you in

and now i’m terrified

to love again


george from monster pop! (shes playin legend of zelda, sashas got her hooked uvu)


george from monster pop

she is so fuckin adorable

and her outfits just keep getting better omg!

this is SO CUTE omg!


we need to move it!

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avas-poltergeist asked: I'm in love with your mixes. I hate to ask but would you ever consider putting any of them on drop box ? (Sorry to bug you)


i probably won’t because i only actually organize the mixes on 8tracks. my versions of the mixes have at least three times the number of songs as the ones i put on 8tracks and are also not in any particular order since i play them on shuffle.


i was really sad yesterday so i made a playlist full of songs that make me want to cry. that playlist ended up being almost 200 songs so then i cut it down and made a super fun 29 song version for you nerds

listen here


life of an artist


monster pop u_u



in response to some of the comments on this comic