i should just use the rest of inktober to draw like “what if these two characters had a kid” except i probably won’t do that hahaha

 no one looked at that drawing and asked if that was a picture of what franny and george’s hypothetical daughter could look like and i’m so disappointed right now

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hey, G!

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days 14-20 of inktober. all these (and more) are from my instagram.

it’s also worth it to mention that cultivating any sort of fan base, especially for your original work, takes a lot of time and hard work and a certain amount of consistency. people have to like what you’re putting out, want to see more, and know that more is coming (not always applicable, but usually). i am always leery of people who resent creator driven projects because they get popular. things like ava’s demon, cucumber quest, gamer cat (since it was referenced in that comic LMAO i misread, they said grumpy cat), etc.  individual creators aren’t companies, we don’t have marketing teams or a lot of monetary backing or an existing network to advertise through.

i know that particular comic was less resentful and more hopeful, but it’s an attitude i see a lot, both at cons and online, and i know how it feels to want to be doing better than you are, but a lot of times that desire can turn into a really bad attitude.




If you’re tabling at a con as a Li’l Rookie, get ready to experience these 12 Stages of Feels exactly like this.

A comic about an experience we’re all familiar with. Hang in there, guys! We’re all in this together!

okay, stop. S T O P.

first off, if you want to sell/be known, don’t ever call yrself “Li’l Rookie.” this completely prostrates you, immediately, before other people can make a judgment call themselves. why would i ever be interested in yr work when right off the bat you’re debasing it? if you don’t care enough to be confident at all, why should i care enough to buy it?

also, don’t be such a sad sack because people spring for more mainstream or interesting-looking work. the truth of the matter is that many people you meet, whether in day-to-day life or at cons/festivals, will not care about you or yr work. that’s it. that’s how it is. not every person who walks by yr table is going to buy something or compliment you. many people won’t! instead of looking like a sad puppy when they walk away disinterested, be proud of yr work and focus on the people who do want to see. and don’t blame yr audience for not being interested in yr personal experience. they don’t know you! and they don’t owe you anything because you chose to be vulnerable. don’t expect them to; that’s self-centered and shitty.

if you want to sell, and you want people to be interested, understand that independent comics, even sensitive comics about yr personal life, are only half about art — the other half is business. at this stage in the game, you are yr own artist, writer, manager, secretary, publicist, and financial department. this is a lot of work. don’t expect to immediately soar and make bank just because you put in time drawing — you have to put the time in for everything else as well. manage yr time so you’re not spending too much time editing yr scans. if you fuck up yr printing, do it again. package yr work so it looks unique and interesting. even basic practices like this will help immensely.

basically: learn up and toughen up, or be miserable. the choice is yours!

there’s nothing wrong with selling comics about your childhood but basically if you don’t make it look nice (printing, presentation, table set up, etc), most potential buyers will read that instinctively as a lack of care on your part and if you don’t care enough about it to make it look nice, why should they care enough to buy it? tbh no matter how great your art or ideas are, if you can’t present them in a way that is accessible and appealing to the public, it’s gonna be hard to sell. especially at cons where a lot of people appreciate talent and some people buy based on talent, but most people actually buy things that hit them in the feelings within the first few seconds (something funny or sad, etc., that gives them that immediate emotional gratification, usually fan art because it gives them an immediate frame of reference, something they’re already familiar with and have feelings towards). ahaha sorry i don’t usually reblog this sort of thing here but i have a lot of thoughts about convention tactics.

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Haunted - mayakern
Still my favorite weather on WTNV

oh man, i think this is either the first or second time someone has covered this song? either way, super cool! it’s always so strange and flattering when someone decides to cover my music.

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eileenpaints asked: Hi Maya - would you consider taking a commission in the style of that last Inktober drawing you poster? I'd love to own a piece of your original art, but I see your commission pricing is all for digital work so I'm not sure if that's something you do.

yeah i can do that! email me at mayaGkern@gmail.com, i’ll get back to you tomorrow

Anonymous asked: What exactly is Inktober? I've been wanting to ask but not wanting to seem stupid.

it’s an art challenge to see if you can ink a thing a day for the month of october.

and pro-tip for your future reference: if you don’t want to seem stupid you should probably google first and ask second. this ain’t ask jeeves 2.0