i wish i could just google famous internet people like “is _____ a piece of shit” and google would just be like “yes this person is a racist, homophobic asshole” or “no they are good people” it would make everything so much easier because i don’t really pay attention to most internet drama

ok my laundry is done so now i’m going to lay down in a puddle and cry

and then finish packing

wigmund replied to your post: missesmadhatter¬†said:What you thi…

Homestuck is like chicken pox. Everyone catches it at some point and years later it re-emerges as shingles.

missaoi asked: Madoka magica?

i wouldn’t be interesting enough for kyubey to want to contract with so i’d just be a random classmate… but i’d probably be particularly prone to witch attacks lol

missesmadhatter asked: What you think your character would look like as a troll playing Sburb?

2 lazy to come up w a symbol. god i thought these days were behind me.

mr-ru asked: Cucumber Quest!

cries… i love cucumber quest….. i’m sorry gg for slaughtering your adorable style…………….

icydick asked: powerpuff girls!

solarsocks asked: Utena!

ugh i am never trying to draw rgu style ever again

zetauma asked: Ghibli style?

enchantingtea asked: animal crossing?

i’ve never played but all my friends love it so