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hey, guys, for those of you not in the know, i have been posting sneak peaks (of tutorials, of prints, and other art) on Patreon for my backers and I will continue to do so, so if you’d like to see some of the new stuff i’ve been making over the past couple months but haven’t been able to post online yet, even $1 contributed a month will allow you to see them!

i may also start posting WIPs and monster pop! page sketches there and, of course, i am always open to suggestions for additional content to add to my patreon!

also, my patreon is just a little over $50 away from me posting an additional monster pop! page this month!

dana is making me rereblog this because i made a spelling error and she’s a butt

eggserryday asked: i finally read monster pop since you'll be at animini, and omg. adorable. If i have time/money after i get my other cosplays together, imma cosplay human!george, specifically the outfit on page 44. cuuuuuuuuuteee

ohh what that would be awesome! if you do please stop by and see me, that would make me insanely happy!!


sailor swap!

a print i made for con season (i’ll be at animinneapolis, a-kon, anime expo, and san japan), which will be available in my store within the next month or so!

i’m sick of talking about this, please don’t send me any more asks about it. i won’t be answering any of them.

i’m not really angry any more, mostly i’m just frustrated and tired.

deusx-machina asked: Maybe the teacher likes your art and Homestuck, so they... Stole it to use on math homework? O.o

no, they took it because it is the first result when you google “height line up” and they thought that because it showed up on google, they were free to use it without asking permission or crediting me.

besides, stealing is stealing no matter how much you like the object in question.  i might really love a pair of $500 sunglasses but if i take them without paying, it’s still theft.  how much you like something doesn’t excuse taking/using it without permission.

dorkysloth asked: The teacher is probably an 50somewhat person, they usually grab any photo of the internet for examples uses. They found your art on google and tought it was a good example to put on the test. It wasnt for comercial purposes and i dont think he or she did it wit bad intentions. However its your artwork so you can feel whatever way you want to, but i just wanted to point that out.

i understand that and assumed as much, but it’s still a bit upsetting

barawentzie asked: hey about the homestuck post!! it's my brother's homework and i swear it really was on his assignment, the teachers at his school are ridiculous and he's upset about this too, he posted it with no intent of it getting that many notes or any attention at all. i know the art theft upsetting but i really just want to clear his name a little so there's no bad tension here 8(

ahh thanks for letting me know! yeah i thought that might have been the case before someone told me the picture came up that easily on google and before i talked to him.  i’m still mad at him, but more mad at his teacher and the internet than anything else haha

ok i know a lot of people reblogging that math homework thing are all like “wow that’s so funny/cool LOL!!!” but. it’s not. that’s my art and it was used without my permission and now it has 18k notes and almost none of that will do anything for me and in case you didn’t know, as a freelance artist a good portion of my income comes through people on the internet (mostly tumblr) either paying me to draw things or buying things from one of my stores and if they don’t know who i am, that doesn’t really help me a whole bunch.

dongmessiah asked: if you google height line up, your art is the first image to pop up??? im so confused


tessen asked: They probably quote unquote found it on google, which is pretty much the shittiest excuse ever. It's like saying you found a bike on the street so you kept it because it must be free.

part of me really hopes that it’s some lame joke made up by some kid and it’s not real, but it doesn’t matter because either way it’s my art with 15k notes and no source THANKS INTERNET