now i have a zora oc (that i made up when i was like ten) and a poe OC

i am zelda trash

i have done a lot of things in my life but i am not sure if any of them have been quite as self indulgent as this draw-yourself-meme doodle turned LoZ OC

in conclusion: i am trash

tinyshell replied to your post: quick everyone make zelda OCs/self ins…

yeah let me just whip art out of my asshole

michelle pls omfg

(ps get your butt on skype)

quick everyone make zelda OCs/self inserts with me so i feel less like trash for wanting to turn my poe self into an OC

ok i might do more of those later, but for now i gotta get back to packing!

also dang now i really wanna do a full on design for that hyrule warriors one, i’m a frickin’ cute witch poe thing………..

adriannswall asked: draw yourself in hyrule warriors

casually steals poe’s hood….

mad-phlegmatic asked: Pokemon ?

i train primarily poison, fairy, and ghost type pokemon. gloom was my first pokemon and my favorite.

cassbetterthanyoucain asked: Steven Universe!

i don’t think i’d be cool enough to be a gem so i’d just be a random bg character

mermade4this asked: windwaker style? Or maybe Steven universe?


that-wandering-hero asked: draw yourself in..... dangan ronpa!!!!!!

super high school level trash

i am the first to be killed