inkupthedarren asked: What the fuck ive been reading you name as 'is it you what mint?' And I've always been like wtf is that username but I can't believe I've read it wrong for like a year. I am a disgrace to basic reading skills. How did I screw up so bad



you’re a really important friend to me

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Title: you... Artist: maya 2,842 plays


i’m finally back to recording my music! so here’s a song i wrote a couple days ago. it’ll be on my new album just as soon as it’s ready!

you… you say you’re better now, that you’ve grown up somehow, but i have my doubts

it’s great you say you’ve seen reason, changed like the seasons, should i believe in

ssoptimist asked: When you post drawings from your sketchbook do you scan them in or take a picture they always look so clear.

lol i’m lazy, i take pics with my phone

i only scan them properly when i want to sell PDFs

Hair #sketchbook #nsfw

Vin from #mistborn #sketchbook


rose knight and princess

(knight revamped from this illustration)

rebloggin cuz look how great my ladies are

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i just remembered these gems from my twitter. i am a treasure.




Clarence regains a bit of control in this situation.

yllogical asked: Hi ! I wondered if you'd be okay if I made a an animation based off How to be a mermaid ? I don't know what it would be exactly yet since I don't want to put too much thought into it if you say no ! could be anything from a simple gif to a more elaborate scene or an even longer sequence based off one or more pages, I don't know yet ! Anyway, obviously I just wanted to check in with you first :)

as long as you source me and don’t profit from it, it’s fine!